Cheap Star Wars Birthday Party Supplies at Geek Swag

Star Wars Birthday Party Ideas

Star Wars BirthdayCheap Star Wars Birthday Party Supplies at Geek Swag

The Star Wars Franchise is a known to Everyone (well almost everyone) and people of all ages love Star Wars and the Awesome adventures. You should throw a special Star Wars birthday party for that fan of yours. They’re super-fun and it will never be forgotten! Big guy or little one, it doesn’t matter – they both would love having a Star Wars Birthday Party. Just make sure you take a ton of photos to remember this special day. You might even start a scrapbook to look back on for years to come.

Why not throw a themed Star Wars VII “The Force Awakens” Ultimate birthday party to celebrate? This will make the birthday boy or girl super-happy for the entire year.

You can set up a whole room with Star Wars Birthday Party Supplies. Get the good stuff if you can like Star Wars Wall decorations, Star Wars tableware and Star Wars party favors for all to enjoy.

Preparing a Star Wars Birthday Party Invitation List:

Who is going to come to this party? Relatives, neighborhood friends and all the kids from school or work too? You should probably start grabbing Star Wars party supplies now. Get things like Star Wars Darth Vader Masks, Star Wars Yo-Yos, and some Star Wars tattoos. Anything else you can think of too, like Star Wars cake decorations, amazing wall decorations and tableware of course.

Themed birthday parties make decision-making easy, fun and exciting for all included. You can buy Star Wars invitations and decorate them with cool stickers or however you like. Then send them out to guests before the date of the party with asking for a RSVP so you can plan accordingly.

Star Wars Birthday Party Supplies and Decorations:

Having Star Wars birthday party supplies will make decorating so much fun for the family. A good idea is to put a Darth Vader Mister as the table centerpiece and Episode III danglers with attached cutouts. Throw confetti all over the tables for an extra bit of fun. Stock up on some Star Wars dinner and dessert plates, hot/cold paper cups and napkins, or simply use black tableware. Do the same with the table coverings and get lots of Star Wars balloons to hang everywhere. A great color combination is lime-green, black and orange. Get Star Wars blow-ups and treat bags for the younger ones for even more festiveness. Try matching all your supplies together. This shouldn’t be hard.

Fun Star Wars Party Games:

Adults and Children alike will have a blast with a Darth Vader piñata, so pick one (or two) up and fill it with pounds of candy, small toys and party favors like wrist bands and thumb wrestlers. In case it rains or snows on that special day why not try an indoor treasure hunt. Pick up a Star Wars party game too, just in case…All the guests will love it!

Star Wars Themed Goody Bags:

You can probably predict that most of the guests will bring gifts wrapped in Star Wars themed paper or tucked in all sorts of Star Wars gift bags, so the party will be even more lively. For a children’s party, all the kids should have some goodies and treats to take home. Create some Star Wars themed goody bags for the kids to take with. There are so many inexpensive party favors available for the kids. Some suggestions could be stickers, coloring books, fidget spinners or glow rings. So Much Fun!

Things to remember:

Send out matching Star Wars thank you cards to all of your guests for coming and for the great presents. Maybe even add a photo of that day and mail it inside with thank you notes. Have a Great Star Wars Birthday Party!!

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