Steam-Powered Entropy Watch – Galvanic Scale Dial


From your humble beginnings tinkering on a small, dusty workbench, you’ve raised yourself up to be a titan of technology, a master of all mechanical moveables. And because punctuality is of the utmost importance to your crafts, you must always keep with you a fine timepiece. It would not be fitting for someone of your stature to have an unadorned wrist or to be the late party holding up the launch of an airship. No no, that will not do at all…The Steam-Powered Entropy Watch will be a favorite FOREVER!

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Steam-Powered Entropy Watch

  • Steam-Powered Entropy Watch
  • Unique timepiece with copper coils, plastic pipes, and a hinged magnetic cover
  • 1.4″ watch face diameter with Quartz movement
  • Pewter bracelet with adjustable stainless steel fastener
  • Presented in a handsome black and gold hexagonal gift box
  • Batteries: 377 button cell (included)
  • Instructions included
  • Dimensions: approximately 3.46″ wide x 2.05″ high x 2.76″ deep
  • Weight: 4 oz.

For you, we humbly offer this stunning Steam-Powered Entropy Watch of a rare mid-Victorian invention. It measures the decay of time using Carnot’s second law of thermodynamics and sports a handsome “Galvanic Scale” dial with a hinged magnetic-fastening pressure cover hatch. The entire apparatus is hinged to a pewter bracelet adorned with copper coils and plastic pipes, with an adjustable steel fastener for a bespoke fit. And should you find the occasion to offer the Steam-Powered Entropy Calibrator Watch as a gift, you’ll find it most afternoonified upon a hexagonal pillow inside a black and gold gift box of the same shape.


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