Star Wars Force Trainer – Become A Jedi

Are you ready? Ready to learn how to use The Force? Yoda is ready to train you to be a Jedi Master. Will you accept his invitation? This Star Wars Force Trainer is the real deal. Learn to move things with your thoughts…But be careful, don’t get craaazy.

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Star Wars Force Trainer

15 Levels of training: Advance from Padawan to Jedi Knight
Wireless Headset
Training remote
Features STAR WARS character voices and sound effects
Fun and informative learning guide

Have you ever thought you could move an object with your mind? With the Star Wars Force Trainer – Now you can, as you control the Jedi training remote with only your thoughts. Jedi Master Yoda guides you through 15 levels of Force training as you develop your powers of concentration. Perhaps you will discover that you have the skills to reach the highest rank of Jedi Master.


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