Monster Slippers – Giant Ones

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These bootie-style slippers make your feet look and sound like a giant monster. *crash* *crash* Folks are guaranteed to turn around when you enter the room. And if they don’t? Stomp over to them and threaten to smash their city with your Giant Monster Slippers. Can’t they recognize one of their new monster overlords? Silly humans.

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Monster Slippers

  • Giant Monster Slippers
  • One size fits lots of adult humans
  • Step-reactive “crash” noise
  • On/off switch on the sound box allows you to sneak around like a big-footed ninja when circumstances call for it
  • Bottom fabric coated with no-slip dots
  • Materials: 100% polyester with spongy bonded (spongy bonded what, we’re not sure)
  • Care Instructions: Remove battery box before washing. Surface wash in cold water only.
  • Imported
  • Batteries: 4 AA (not included) – 2 for each slipper. Both slippers need to have batteries in them in order for both of them to make noise.
  • Comfortably fits up to a U.S. Men’s 12 (Ladies’ 14)
  • Interior foot size 13″ long x 8″ wide
  • Maximum calf circumference 15″ (10″ above sole of foot)

These are one-size fits most adult humans monster slippers. The interior space for your foot is 8″ wide x 13″ long. We intended them to fit up to a U.S. Men’s size 12 (Ladies’ 14), but they might even fit a bit bigger. How they work, the leg is made to hug your calf, so even if your foot is much smaller than a men’s size 12, they should hang on.


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