Iron Man Mark 43 (Age of Ultron) Statue

First, this is a beautiful statue and a true fan needs this in their collection. Second, Iron Man is one of the dopest Superheros out there. This Iron Man Mark 43 is Amazing and…Lastly, grab it up or spread the love and give someone a great gift.

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Iron Man Mark 43

From Kotobukiya. Kotobukiya proudly presents Iron Man Mark 43, as seen in the 2015 blockbuster Avengers: Age of Ultron! This ArtFX statue features a beautiful sculpt with Kotobukiya’s attention to detail that brings the Iron Man suit to life as you’ve never seen before! Iron Man stands on a special Avengers logo base, ready to leap into action!.

Batteries are included for the light up feature which is activated by a switch on the figure’s back. A small piece is provided to cover the switch and maintain aesthetics of the statue. Paint work and sculpt are fantastic. The statue is around 12 inches tall and is an impressive one.


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