3D Superhero Wall Lights (Night Light)

Maybe you requested night vision or Daredevil-style radar sense as your superpower, but it hasn’t come in yet. That’s okay. You can use your shopping superpower to *ahem* shed some light on the subject. These 3D Superhero Wall Lights will help you see in the dark. Just place them wherever you need a little more light at night (they’re battery powered, so no need to look for an outlet), and they’ll provide a super glow…

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3D Superhero Wall Lights

3D Superhero Wall Lights
mounted battery-powered superhero night lights
Officially-licensed Marvel merchandise
Choose Captain America Shield, Hulk Fist, Hulk Head, Iron Man Hand, Iron Man Mask, Spider-Man Hand, Spider-Man Head, or Thor Hammer (each sold separately)
Hulk Head is a ThinkGeek exclusive!
Never gets hot to the touch
Put it anywhere (except outside) – battery-powered
Crack sticker included making it look like it’s coming out of the wall
Materials: Plastic + LED bulbs
Replacement stickers not available through ThinkGeek. Please contact the manufacturer
Batteries last 2-3 weeks if shut off during the day
Includes night light, crack sticker, and 2 wall plugs and screws


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