Marvel Hoodies, Marvel Jackets and Marvel Hoodies at Geek Swag

Marvel Hoodies | Marvel Jackets | Marvel T-Shirts

Marvel Hoodies | Marvel Jackets | Marvel T-Shirts


Wolverine Hoodie at Geek Swag

Gone are the days where only children are wearing Marvel Hoodies, Jackets and T-Shirts. Marvel clothing has evolved into something bigger and for good reason. People of ALL ages are sporting Marvel Hoodies and the like because they are just so darn cool and they are usually super-comfortable as well.

These days superheroes play a bigger part of our lives than we may think. Just look around and you will see them Everywhere your head turns. The world has become a weird (scary) place, but we must face it everyday none-the-less. We are aided and sometimes soothed by wearing clothes that depict superheroes or villains and that’s OK.

Throwing on an Inspiring Marvel Hoodie or Jacket in the colder months with an image of Deadpool, Iron Man or Captain America gives us a sense of comfort. This is true even if we don’t recognize the fact, but it remains true. In the Summer or some of the hotter months, we may simply snatch a really cool Spiderman T-Shirt from a closet hanger and slap it on to get the same warm feeling.

So, let’s put aside the fact that we unknowingly wear these Marvel Garments as a coping mechanism and check out the latest and greatest Marvel Hoodies, Marvel Jackets and Marvel T-Shirts shall we?

Marvel Hoodies


Captain America Avengers Hoodie – This is sure to keep the bad guys at bay and you will look like “The Captain” himself if you pull the hood down. It has eye holes so you can always see what you need to and it will keep you super-warm too. This is a great one to have in the closet and is sure to be admired by ANY Marvel fan.

Marvel Comics Iron Man Fleece Hoody – Iron Man is one of the greatest superheroes that Marvel (Stan Lee) ever thunk up. He’s just a regular Billionaire that becomes so fast, so strong, so … when he puts the armored suit on, or when it flys onto HIM. He’s amazing and the hoodie will keep you all warm and fuzzy with the pride you get while wearing it. Don’t forget that Iron Man brought peace to the entire world in a very short time.

Spiderman Hoodie | The Iron Spider – This Hoodie from Marvel’s blockbuster, Spider-Man: Homecoming features an updated Spider-Man logo & web design inspired by the film. You just can’t go wrong with Spider-Man. He is a good guy through and through and tackles the biggest villains without thinking twice. This is a work of art that needs to be shown off.

Deadpool Zip Up HoodieDeadpool is a favorite here at Geek Swag. He’s just a crazy guy that refuses to be called a superhero – well not yet anyway. He is, however, a fantastic superhero with AMAZING abilities. You won’t be able to regenerate any body parts, but you will look great wearing this Deadpool Hoodie.

Hulk Hoodie – You know that green guy that smashes everything in his path? Yeah, I mean The Hulk. He’s so strong, so big and so powerful that he could effectively become a galaxy/reality busting juggernaut if he was mad enough. You want Doc Green close to you – especially if it’s a bit nippy out.

Marvel Jackets


Black Widow Belted Jacket – This black leather jacket from Marvel and Her Universe is the perfect way to finish off your Black Widow cosplay! The lining has a “My Past is My Own” Black Widow logo design, and the moto-style jacket has an attached belt to really accentuate your curves. Any woman would look stunning wearing this beauty. Give it a shot!

Daredevil Jacket – Whether you live in Hell’s Kitchen or not, you can sport this Daredevil jacket with a sense of pride. Knowing that you have one of the Coolest Marvel characters by your side or on your chest, in this case, will keep your senses strong and your awareness at an all-time high. Don’t believe me? Try it out and let me know.

Nick Fury Black Leather Coat – Be a leader of S.H.I.E.L.D. with this leather Nick Fury coat! Sleek satin lining. Movie-accurate designs! Dress just like Nick Fury.

Ant Man Leather Jacket – You don’t need to be a thief to grab this 100% leather Ant Man jacket, but you will steal looks from passers by when you’re wearing it in public. I say in public because you will want to have this bad boy on ALL the time.

Ghost Rider Agents of Shield Jacket – For all Agent of Shield and Marvel fans, we have the new Ghost Rider Jacket which was worn by Robbie Reyes. We all know Ghost Rider is a bada** and now you can be too. Snatch this thing up before it’s gone, or you might be sorry.

Marvel T-Shirts


Deadpool Armed and Dangerous T-Shirt – The Merc with a Mouth is always in style. Just slap this on and hit the town. You’re sure to impress!

Punisher Dirty Skull T-shirt – Inspired by his appearance on the Daredevil TV Series, this Dirty punisher skull has a worn and weathered look that makes you look like a tough guy when you have it on.

Spider-Man Iconic Graphic T-Shirt – Represent your favorite hero Spider-Man. Spider-Man’s iconic spider logo is printed in red on the front of this sleek Spider-Man shirt. This thing comes in a few colors, but this one is pretty rad.

Marvel Comics Avengers T-shirts – The Hulk, Captain America, Thor or Iron Man. Take your pick – you can’t go wrong. If you can’t decide, get them all. You’re going to anyway. These are all really cool shirts to have lined up in the closet. You just need a couple other shirts for the rest of the week. See above.

Wolverine Gold Framed T-Shirt – Did you think I was going to leave him off? That’s just silly. Whatever YOU call him – Logan, Patch, Weapon X, Death, Emilio Garra, Weapon Chi, Experiment X, Agent Ten, Peter Richards, Mai’ keth, Black Dragon, Captain Canada, Captain Terror, John Logan, Jim Logan or Wolverine isn’t important. Just don’t make him mad because those blades are sharrrrp.

So there you have it, some of the best Marvel Hoodies, Jackets and T-Shirts to keep you warm and stylish throughout the year. Be sure to comment on your favorite and let someone know.

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