Halloween Treat Ideas for Kids and for Adults

Halloween Treat Ideas for Kids and for Adults | Get Hooked

Halloween Treat Ideas for Kids and for Adults


Halloween Treat Ideas for Kids and for Adults

Here is my best recommendation on Halloween Treat Ideas for Kids and for Adults.

Ah Halloween, it’s the one day a year we can dress up like whoever or whatever we want to and get away with it. We all need a break from everyday life and Halloween is the perfect day for that, so we should take advantage of it and become someone or something else for the day. I know, I know you’ve heard it all before, but it’s the truth. So, let’s live it up and show off our best this and Every Year.

Apart from dressing up, we must decide if we will be giving out treats or not. I think you should and so will all of the trick-or-treaters. Give a treat so you don’t get tricked or egged (just saying).

I’d like to share a very cool idea with you that will make your house one that all the kids and parents will be talking about and waiting to return to next year. I know this because it is what we do and PEOPLE LOVE IT! So, read on about my Halloween Treat Ideas for Kids and for Adults so you too can have a super-awesome Halloween this year and for many more years to come.

Instead of just giving away candy or apples (apples suck on Halloween) try something a little bit more creative. At our house, we get tons (and I mean tons) of hot dogs, small water bottles and small cans of soda

by the case to give out to everyone that stops by. You can pop on over to your local market (I suggest Aldi) because you can get all of those items for really cheap. You can get name brand foods and drinks if you like, however, we do not. Trust me on this – people will be so happy that you have Anything – they will thank you over and over for the gift of a cold bottle of water. And the children will go CRAZY for a hotdog and a piece of candy or two.

We do this for a couple reasons. People get hungry and very thirsty from walking door to door all night, but they rarely think to bring something to replenish themselves, so we take care of that for them. It’s loads of fun too. Yep, we’re the house people come to first AND again last and that’s cool with us.

Let me lay this out super-simple and tell you exactly how this plays out. A few days to a week before Halloween day we get the stuff – easy enough, right? That’s it for that part ha ha. On Halloween Day, a few hours before the sun goes down we fire up the grill so we can get it nice and primed to cook those hot dogs for the kids (and parents). You can use what you have or get a cheap grill,

but don’t spend a lot if you don’t do much grilling the rest of the year. You can get what you need for around $20 bucks not including charcoal and lighter fluid. Do not forget these items as they are necessary.

We then set-up the tables to put all the dinnerware on – like plates, napkins, hot dog buns and condiments which are all relatively cheap as well. You can get big, generic, squeezable bottles of ketchup not (catsup) just kidding and mustard for like a buck or two each. You don’t want to use the ones in the fridge because you will be throwing them out at the end of the night. I know this is wasteful if you don’t use it all and shame on me, but remember there have been a lot, possibly hundreds of people that used them in a very brief time. Oh, don’t forget to put a trash can out as well, so the street doesn’t get filled with plates and whatnot…

We set the grill at the top of our driveway in between two tables and cook the dogs to perfection. You will want to have someone keeping an eye on this as they go FAST and as word spreads, they go even faster, but it’s a great time for everyone. So just keep cooking and Remember to have as much fun as everyone else and not lose sight of the special day. Have a few beers or glasses of wine if you want, or smash some of the sodas you bought.

If you have the budget, it might be a good idea to get some cheaper bottles of Vodka or Rum (whatever you will drink) and some coke or juice to mix up and give out to parents on their long journey through never-ending neighborhoods. They probably need something after walking for hours with their kiddies and they will gladly even reach in their pocket to pay you, but remember it’s the spirit of Halloween and their money is no good – not today anyway.

This is the way we do it and hope you do too or at least get some inspiration on your quest for Halloween treat ideas for kids AND adults. I know for a fact you will have the most popular house on the block and people will talk about it until the next one. This is a guarantee!

Have a great and safe Halloween!

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