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Geek Gift Ideas Under $10 Bucks


geek gift ideas under $10 bucks

We all have a geeky friend or relative. It doesn’t matter who you are – this is true. You are probably a geek yourself in one way or another. Today we are going to look at geek gift ideas under $10 bucks. You may be in need of some inspiration and I know you want to get something great, however, may be a little short on cash, but there’s no need to worry. We are going to explore some Awesome geek gift ideas under $10 bucks so you can WOW that special geek in your life. With that being said, let’s get to it. It should be noted that these are in no particular order and each one would be an awesome gift.

Back to the Future Flux Capacitor Keychain – The Back to the Future Flux Capacitor Light Up Keychain shrinks down one of your favorite devices for making time travel possible and lets you hook it right on your keychain. No plutonium needed – this sucker is electrical. Light up your key chain with the hottest new invention this side of Hill Valley. At this price, you can get two of them. This is such an amazing gift that it turns any vehicle into a time machine. How cool it that?

My Little Pony Ladies’ 5 Pack Socks – Cover your hooves with some of your favorite My Little Pony characters. Even better, on difficult days, wear these colorful, happy socks, and let the Ponies remind you of all their magical qualities, and the many lessons they learned while making friends. After all, we need to remember the magic of friendship from time to time.

Mini Batman Bat-Signal – The Mini Batman Bat-Signal is exactly what it sounds like: it’s a tiny version of the one Commissioner Gordon uses to summon the Dark Knight. It’s got an on/off switch (for when you don’t need to summon anyone) and arrives in a fun little gift box. Oh, and there’s also a tiny book inside giving you a smattering of info on Batman, his tech, his enemies, etc. Basically, if you like Batman or know someone who does, this Mini Batman Bat-Signal makes a great gift. We asked Batman – he said you can give a gift to yourself.

Harry Potter Mischief Managed Mug – Warn everyone around you that you too may be up to some Leaky-Cauldron-level soup mischief, while you sip your soup! Holding a generous 24 ounces, this ceramic mug is both Muggle microwave and Muggle dishwasher safe and features details from the Marauder’s Map around the outside, and a bright red interior. Perfect for “Soup, Soup Soup,” bouillabaisse, or whatever soup you like while planning your next bit of a mischief.

Ethanol Beer Pint Glass  – This is a fantastic gift for any geeky beer lover (and there are lots). Ethanol’s effects on the human brain may be well-documented, but we think they could always use additional study. This Ethanol Beer Pint Glass is a great place to start. With the molecular structure of ethanol printed in white ink on the outside, this glass holds 16 ounces of frothy goodness. That makes it ideal for your experimentation. Super Beer!

Guardians of the Galaxy Baby Groot Earrings – Sometimes you want to display your fandom without shouting it from the treetops. A subtle, “I like this thing” nod that other folks who are also fans will recognize but those who aren’t fans will ignore. The sort of thing we wish we’d had in high school. Teenage girls can be vicious. These Guardians of the Galaxy Baby Groot Stud Earrings are a subtle nod to your fandom. At first glance, they look like jewelry you could pick up at Claire’s or Charming Charlie’s. But upon closer inspection, they reveal your Marvel cred.

Space Capsule Tea Infuser – Fortunately, your tea doesn’t have to worry about the repercussions of atmospheric reentry. Unscrew the ablative heat shield (aka the bottom) of this capsule to open it, fill it with your favorite loose-leaf tea, reseal it, and drop it to the bottom of your mug. And the recovery doesn’t require a U.S. Navy vessel – just your fingers. Pull the capsule up using the chain with little astronaut serving as your counterweight, and your mission will be deemed successful in just a few short minutes.

Pusheen Plush Sleep Mask – Wants to take your cat naps to the next level? Catch some z’s in style with his adorable Pusheen sleeping mask. Features an adjustable elastic band for increased comfort, while accurate embroidered details are sure to please fans of the feline internet sensation. Surface-washable for easy cleaning. Appropriate for ages three and up.

Star Wars Darth Vader Metal Can Cooler – Let Darth Vader help regulate your personal temperature with this Darth Vader Can Cooler. It’ll keep your drink cool. The rubber inner liner keeps your drink in place and your hand human-temperature. As it should be. (You are human, right? Something you’re not telling us?) And don’t ask “Aren’t you hot in that?” Because next time, we might have to resort to Force Choke.

Smartest Mom Brain Cell – The Smartest Mom Brain Cell features a pink brain cell plush with a heart in the center that says “World’s smartest mom”. This cute microbe has a suction cup so it can be hung for all the world to see when it isn’t being cuddled. Let your mom know that you love her for that big beautiful brain of hers, which you, naturally, inherited.

Do It Yourself – I Love You Bean – The I Love You Bean is just about the best gift you can give someone. When you do, tell them they only need to add water, sunlight, and love – just like the love that pours forth from your two hearts. Mushy, but effective. But here comes the best part: once the bean has sprouted and grown a little, your special friend will see the words “I Love You” written on the bean. And you will say it got there by the power of your love. You will score all sorts of romantic brownie points, and your energy expense for those points will be very minimal. You just have to purchase one (or more – you never know) of these I Love You Beans and let the love grow!

#Geekfamous Clutch Pouch – Not everyone else knows that you’re #geekfamous. Now you can advertise it with this fabulous #geekfamous Clutch Pouch. It’s perfect for a night on the town. It not only holds your essentials for a night out – your phone, your wallet, your keys, your business cards, your dice, but it also makes a great makeup case or pencil pouch. It’s sort of the multi tool of bags. Score. I betcha didn’t think you could find this on a list of geek gift ideas under $10 bucks, did ya?

Star Wars Imperial Logo Mug – Slip on down to the Death Star Canteen for the perfect cup of joe in the perfect cup: your officially-licensed Imperial Logo Mug. The Imperial Logo Mug is 12 oz of badass black ceramic designed to hold the darkest of dark roasts. Emblazoned with the logo of the Galactic Empire, it serves as a warning to every rebel scum in the Galaxy. They’d better watch out because this Empire is fully-caffeinated.

Beauty and the Beast Stained Glass Journal – Fill this Beauty and the Beast Stained Glass Journal with all your adventures – far off places, daring swordfights, magic spells, a prince in disguise, grocery shopping, whatever! Each time you open it, it will remind you of what an enchanted life you lead with images taken from the stained glass prologue of the animated movie. And if you find true love, you definitely have to write about that in here.

There you have it, a bunch of geek gift ideas under $10 bucks. It’s important to note that all of these items are of the utmost quality as well. We wouldn’t just throw up some random products and hope for the best. These are some of the best geek gift ideas for under $10 bucks that we could find. If you liked them – please comment and let us know. Maybe we will go as far as trying to find some geeky gift ideas that are even less expensive, say under $5 bucks.

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