Best Science Gifts for Adults

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10 Best Science Gifts for Adults


10 Best Science Gifts for Adults at Geek Swag

Do you LOVE Science? Do you know a Scientist? Are you intrigued by the world and all of its marvelous wonders? Well, if you answered yes to any of those questions, you’re in for a treat because today I will be talking about science gifts, but more specifically – the best science gifts for adults.

There are tons of Science toys and kits for kids, but I’d like to focus on the adults for a minute, as I feel they need some attention as well. Science is Life after all and so is math, but that is for another day. So, let’s just get right into it and find the best Science gifts for adults. These are in no particular order and would all be great gifts for the Science lover in your life.

Programmable Boe-Bot Robot Kit – The Boe-Bot robot takes about 1-2 hours to put together, though each project in the Robotics text provides a unique new experience of wiring and source code tuning. No programming or electronics experience is needed! After mastering the basics, Boe-Bot add-ons let you branch out into new activities, such as making your Boe-Bot talk with a speech board, adding infrared remote control, maze contests and so much more. I think you can see this is a great one.

AmScope T490B Compound Trinocular Microscope – 40X-1600X eight widefield magnification settings, Simul-focal trinocular head boasting unique features, 23mm photo port for adding photo/video capability, C-mount adapter included and 3D two-layer mechanical stage with low position control. Don’t worry, they will know what to do with this, but the gist is – they will be able to see things that are invisible to the naked eye.

Thames & Kosmos Remote-Control Space Explorers Science Kit – With this engineering kit, you can build a remote-controlled model of a robotic Rover resembling the ones used to explore Mars. Deploy your Mars Rover in the backyard and use the remote control to survey the uncharted terrain! This is one of the coolest gifts ever. Don’t believe me? Give it to any space fan and you will see.

Scott Resources North American Rock Collection – Featuring 50 of the most important rock types found in North America. All specimens numbered and keyed to a reference manual lists names, locality, and geologic background. Rock measure 1-inches by 1-inches and are packed in 2 compartmentalized containers. If you know a Geologist or just someone that digs rocks (no pun intended) they will rave about this one.

Engino Inventor Build 90 Motorized Multi-Models Building Kit – Know any inventors? You will if you show them this. Engino brings complex concepts into clear focus for budding engineers and scientists with award winning components and step by step illustrated assembly instructions. Build 90 Motorized Models using the included and online 3D rendered instructions. Assemble a Transport Chopper or a Forklift, a Radar Truck or a Satellite Dish, a Jeep and Trailer and about 85 more amazing things minimum. The manual includes step by step, 3D rendered assembly instructions OR, get creative and create 90 of your very own. Pretty dang cool if you ask me.

Parallax 32500 ActivityBot Robot Kit – They can Learn real-world engineering skills with the friendly, capable, and peppy activity bot. it’s a great option for first-time robot-builders, as well as for an intro into technology and engineering in colleges. Step-by-step web tutorials take you through programming its multicore propeller chip in c, wiring circuits on a breadboard, and building sensor systems so your robot can navigate on its own. Don’t worry if you don’t understand the jargon – They Will.

OWI Hydraulic Arm Edge Kit – Robotic arm technology just got a little more interesting with hydro-mechanically fun. With Hydraulic Arm Edge, you will command six axes of varied movements: the gripper to open and close up to 1.89 inches, wrist rotation of 180 degrees, wrist mobility of 98 degrees, elbow range of 44 degrees, base rotation of 270 degrees, and shoulder motion of 45 degrees. With a vertical reach of 16.35 inches, horizontal reach of 12.42 inches, and lifting capacity of 50g, your robotic friend is ready for your genius to erupt. That’s a lot of movements. Just saying, and with the removal of the gripper, you can activate the suction apparatus. This feature enables the user to elevate objects with a larger surface area (like a small mobile phone).

Snap Circuits Extreme SC-750R Electronics Training Program – Build Over 750 Experiments With 80 Parts. Parts Included: Photoresist Or, Power Amplifier, Variable Capacitor, Analog Meter, Solar Cell, Computer Interface and Full Color Manuals. Electricity is nothing to play with for us, but for the right person this is all they will want to do. You may not even see them for a day or so. They will too busy entertaining themselves with this fantastic prize, but if the lights go out – you know who to talk to haha.

Pathfinders Hydraulic Machines 4-in-1 Wooden Kit – Using all pre-cut pieces, glue, and simple instructions, you can make a Platform Lifter, Scissor Lift, Cherry Picker, and Excavator. The Platform Lifter provides an excellent example of how we use technology to move people and materials around. The Scissor Lift uses the same principles and construction that is common to industrial scissor lifters.  The Cherry Picker is similar to the ones often mounted on truck beds to steadily lift people and parts to great heights.  The Excavator kit uses first and third-class lever like the ones used in trucks at most construction sites. — Each working model uses water instead of hydraulic fluid.

Green Science Windmill Generator – Build this amazing wind generator and learn about renewable energy. Watch the LED glow as it is powered by free energy from the wind. No batteries required! Kit includes: rotor, front-housing with gear and rotor shaft installed, back housing, half screw caps, tail, toy motor with gear, motor cover, small screws, LED unit with wires, detailed assembly instructions. Everything is going green and why not? Kick things into gear and get started now. What Great fun and useful insight.

As you have seen, this is not an exhaustive list. I wanted to showcase the 10 Best Science Gifts for Adults and I think that has been accomplished, however, if you would like to see more – just say so and I will gladly find even more. Keep in mind that some of these have dangerous aspects to them, but when handled with care by an adult they are some of the most fun things to play with. Also, anyone that receives one of these should be very happy and when people ask where you found it, you tell them that you found it on Geek Swags 10 Best Science Gifts for Adults.

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